Air Inflatables Design Features

Each and every Air Inflatables bouncy castle has the following design/quality features as standard

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Each and every bouncy castle you buy is covered by a full 12-month return to base warranty covering manufacturing and material defects, and comes with a 12 Month Manufacturer's Test Certificate, however if you would like an RPII or PIPA Test Certificate in addition to this, we can test your new Air Inflatables bouncy castle prior to despatch for a small fee.

Open Areas Fully Netted

To ensure safe play at all times each and every open area of an Air Inflatables bouncy castle is netted, this ensures that children are kept in the play area removes the risk of falling from the unit.

Air Inflatables uses high quality flame retardant netting that does not stain PVC.

For added strength we hem all netted areas with 18OZ PVC.

High Quality Specification PVC

All the PVC used in each and every Air Inflatables bouncy castle has been tested by internationally recognised test houses. Air Inflatables PVC is soft and supple which allows the inflatable to be easily rolled up after each hire.

Our PVC has been tested and certified to the following standards:

  • Tensile Strength, BS 3424: part 4
  • Tear Strength, BS 3424: part 5
  • Fusion, BS 3424: part 22
  • Coating Adhesion, BS 3424: part 7
  • Flame Retardency, BS 5438: method 2
  • Toxic Element Analysis EN 71: part 3
  • EN 14960: Inflatable Play Equipment

Air Inflatables has spared no expense in selecting and testing materials of the highest quality and performance.

We welcome any customer who would like to peruse our certification at our Bingham factory.

Internally and Externally Reinforced High Load Areas

At Air Inflatables we guarantee our inflatables and bouncy castles to last! We have engineered our products from the ground up and have added reinforcement in key areas to extend the life of each and every Air Inflatables unit.

At every high load point we add internal 18OZ PVC reinforcement to absorb everyday stresses and strains that occur during hires.

All Air Inflatables bouncy castles and inflatables have the following strength adding features:

  • Extra reinforcing for corners of front step where the step attaches to the bed.
  • 18OZ PVC reinforcing under every high load seam.
  • Walls reinforced and sewn together with 18OZ to reduce entrapment points and promote strength.
  • Super strong flat sewn seams used throughout the construction of each Air Inflatables bouncy castle.


Every Air Inflatables bouncy castle has been designed with the European Standard for inflatable safety in mind (EN 14960).

We have had our inflatables independently tested and have received excellent feedback on the design and build quality.

We can also offer your Air Inflatables unit PIPA tagged and tested for a small additional fee. Please call our sales team for further information.

Multi-Language User Guidelines

At Air Inflatables child safety is our number one priority.

To ensure that all our units are used correctly we apply clearly written user guidelines to the front step of each of our bouncy castles.

We also attach warning labels highlighting items that may pose a safety hazard or items that may damage your inflatable.

Fully Webbed Beds

Where applicable each Air Inflatables bouncy castle has a fully webbed double stitched bed.

The webbing used is to Air Inflatables own specification and promotes high strength with excellent wear resistance.

The webbing reinforces the bounce bed and ensures that your inflatable is built to last!

Flat Sewn Seams

Each and every seam on an Air Inflatables bouncy castle is flat sewn for strength.

By flat sewing all seams we sew through multiple layers PVC which increases strength and decreases air loss.

Flat sewing greatly extends the life of an inflatable, therefore every Air Inflatables bouncy castle offers an excellent return on investment!

Stunning 3D Like Artwork

All Air Inflatables bouncy castles are smothered in amazing, high resolution digital artwork!

We use the highest quality inks that bond deeply to PVC and have high abrasion and UV resistance. Our inks ensure that the colours of our artwork remain bright and vibrant. To further protect the artwork we apply three layers of anti-scratch laminating solution.

To ensure child safety all our digital printing and lamination has been tested and complies fully with EN 71: part 3 toxic element analysis.

At Air Inflatables we are constantly developing new themes so please keep visiting for latest updates to our range.

Sewn In Shower Cover

Where applicable all Air Inflatables bouncy castles and inflatables are delivered with a reinforced, sewn in rain cover. For superb strength and performance this rain cover is manufactured from 16OZ PVC.

Shower covers are a standard feature across the whole Air Inflatables range.

Triple Laminated Scratch Resistant Artwork

To ensure that the artwork on your Air Inflatables bouncy castle remains perfect after many hires, we coat all our artwork with a specially selected anti-scratch anti-UV laminating solution.

This EN 71 compliant, super flexible laminating solution will protect the artwork on your Air Inflatables unit whilst highlighting the colours.

This laminating solution will protect the artwork throughout the life of the inflatable making the inflatable easy to clean and protecting the artwork against everyday scuffs and abrasions.